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Yubo: the Generation Z social platform

In the spring, the confined generation Z spent 3 more hours a day on their phone, which has become their main vector of social connection. One application particularly won them over: Yubo! A 100% French social network that is a hit in the United States and United Kingdom. You can make friends there all over the world, but also get involved in causes and defend your privacy. Do its 40 million users make Yubo the anti-Tik Tok? Its co-founder and CEO, Sacha Lazimi answers us.

They were born after 1995 and weigh a third of the world’s population. More connected, viral and global, Generation Z pushes its elders to more responsibility. # Tech24 paints the portrait of antiboomers.

Welcome aboard the Urbanloop. Imagine transparent, individual or duo capsules to go anywhere in the city. Four engineering schools in Nancy are working on this technical and ecological transport project. It could materialize as early as 2024. Report.

A pocket-sized drone but as powerful as the big ones? It weighs less than 250 grams and 500 euros, but offers video in 4K. DJI Mini2, that’s its name, is still as compact and efficient as ever. The latest model from the Chinese manufacturer is on track. But the American competition does not want to be overwhelmed. Demonstration.