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EVERYONE has their own way of making a Sunday roast, but it turns out that we may be undercooking our potatoes.

Author and food expert Rebecca Wilson said you shouldn’t boil potatoes before turning them into roast potatoes, contrary to what many people think.


A food expert has revealed that you shouldn’t parboil roast potatoes if you want them to have a smooth texture.Credit: Getty – Contributor

She said that to get a crispy exterior with a soft medium, you actually have to boil them until “pretty cooked.”

Rebecca told the Daily Star: “When you cook your roast potatoes, be sure to boil them until they are practically done, not boil them.

“This will give them a smooth texture.”

The foodie advises you to use “all-rounder” potatoes, such as Kind Edward, Maris Piper, or Rooster Potatoes.

After boiling, you should drain them in a colander and let them rest a bit to allow the moisture to evaporate.


Shake them so the edges are crisp, then coat with goose fat, sunflower oil, or olive oil.

During cooking, turn them a couple of times to brown.

Rebecca said, “I’ve had nothing but good comments about my roast potatoes.”

Rebecca’s complete recipe appears in her new book Family Comforts, which is on Amazon’s best-seller list.

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