YouTuber Gabrielle Petito is missing after a road trip with her fiancé

Police are looking for clues to YouTuber’s whereabouts Gabrielle Petito after her fiancé, Brian Laundry, returned home without her on September 1.

According to the Suffolk County Police Department in New York City, Petito’s parents reported his disappearance on Saturday, September 11. They said they had not spoken to her since the last week of August, when she was supposed to be driving through Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. .

On August 19, the couple shared a video of their trip across the country titled “VAN LIFE | Beginning Our Van life Journey”. The 8-minute vlog showed Petito and Laundrie as they drove through California, Utah and other states in their 2012 Ford Transit van.

Petito then posted a photo of herself holding a knitted pumpkin on August 25.

According to NBC News, Petito’s mother, Nicole schmidt, said she last met the 22-year-old on August 24 and received texts from Petito’s phone until August 30. However, NBC News reports that Schmidt was unsure whether the text messages were actually sent by his daughter.

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