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The beauty community mourns the sudden loss of Mel thompson.

On Monday, September 27, Thompson’s husband announced that the YouTube star had passed away at the age of 35 the day before. His cause of death was not immediately made public.

“Mel sadly passed away yesterday,” he said in a statement shared on Thompson’s Instagram. “It’s really hard to choose only 10 photos. We have lost a beautiful person.”

With nearly 170,000 YouTube subscribers and 55,000 Instagram followers, fans of Thompson’s content have been eagerly awaiting his frequent makeup tutorials, product reviews and updates on his personal life. His last YouTube video was uploaded on September 24.

Since her death, Thompson’s husband says he has “had to respond to so many texts from people who come to see her without even knowing she is dead,” writing: “It’s great to see how great she was. loved her. And she loved you all back. I will continue to love her and I will miss her forever. She was a pillar of our family. ”

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