Young Reds fan sells himself for a home run, dives and secures Joey Votto dinger

This is how it is done.

In the past, Reds fans haven’t had so much luck trying to get some home run balls in the stands, with one Cincy fan recently losing everything except his pride en route to an Eugenio explosion. Suarez.

On Thursday afternoon, however, the Reds fandom was officially redeemed: Check out this seizure by a young Reds fan in the stands, selling himself for the ball, giving up his body for a Joey Votto home run.

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The fan stretches and makes the bucket, tumbling over some seats, securing the grip. He stands up to the applause and receives praise from the Reds stand.

With Votto’s power numbers plummeting in recent years, the catch is probably particularly interesting for the young fan. The circuit was Votto’s sixth this year and his fourth at home in Cincinnati.

Maybe the Mets can call this kid.

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