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Young Estonians from the EPP engage in the European Parliament – ​​POLITICO


BRUSSELS — For once it was love – not violent internal political wrangling – that filled the hall of the European Parliament, when a man knelt down to propose to his girlfriend on Thursday.

Holding a ring in one hand and a microphone in the other, Kuldar Lepp, 26 I asked the question to his girlfriend, Marta Schönberg, 18, surprising her in front of a room full of European People’s Party activists in town for a four-day youth event organized by the parliamentary group.

“What a way to start our day, how amazing! exclaimed journalist Jack Parrock, who was hosting an event.

Parliament spokesman Jaume Duch Guillot said that to his knowledge it was the first time in history that a couple had gotten engaged in Parliament’s hemicycle.

“It feels good,” Lepp told POLITICO. “That’s part of the reason I thought about doing it there, because I couldn’t remember anything like this happening before and I thought it would be a great gesture, to show some love.”

Lepp (whose name literally includes the acronym of his center-right political family) is a member of an Estonian EPP family party called Isamaa, as is his future wife.

Isamaa has an MEP, Riho Terras, who bliss the couple online. The couple have been together for two years, met through mutual acquaintances and plan to marry within a year, probably in Estonia for financial reasons.

EPP leader Manfred Weber congratulated the newly engaged couple in the roomand made a pun saying that they had created their own “European Union”.

When asked if he would like to enter politics or even become an MEP himself one day, Lepp replied: “If an opportunity arises, of course I will take it as if it were now. .”