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Yamaha: only aesthetic changes


With the announcement of its abandonment of snowmobile production as of 2025, we should not expect the Japanese manufacturer to have any major new products this season.

“The Yamaha snowmobile series for 2024 is essentially the same as that which was already available,” explains expert Denis Lavoie of Snowmobiles.ca. There have been some small changes at the aesthetic level, but not in depth. There are no major new features and this is understandable with the announcement that the company made at the beginning of last summer. The leaders let it be known that there would be a final production of snowmobiles in 2025, but that after that, it was over. »

Above all, we must not believe that the company intends to let down fans who have always been loyal to the brand.

“People who have Yamahas right now or who have ordered a snowmobile this season and even for 2025 will not be left to their fate with the end of production.

“The dealer network will remain in place as will the distribution network. So, in terms of parts, Yamaha will remain available. If you have any kind of breakdown on a snowmobile that you already own or that you will have shortly, for the next 10 years, there should be no problem finding parts online. »

According to the expert, the company must support its dealers and by the same token, the enthusiasts who have placed their trust in it.


For many enthusiasts, especially Yamaha enthusiasts, the company’s decision may seem inexplicable.

“What you need to understand is that the snowmobile market is very limited in terms of units sold,” explained Denis Lavoie. In my opinion, what gave the final blow was that a few years ago, before 2020, Yamaha sold a lot of snowmobiles in Russia, especially the VK model. This market has closed with everything that is currently happening in Ukraine, the company has followed the movement of the big players in the industry, to no longer sell snowmobiles in Russia. »

According to what people at the company have let it be known, the entire budget that was allocated to the snowmobile section will be allocated to other niches which will be more profitable in terms of the sale of machines such as motorcycles and quads.

“Recently, Yamaha posted a video online about a hydrogen-powered side-by-side. Is this one of their new avenues, will they turn to electric vehicles, bicycles or others? It is certain, however, that for dealers who mainly sold snowmobiles, the abandonment of this segment could become a real problem,” concluded the expert.



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