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Xiaomi launches its own smart glasses, of course – TechCrunch

Xiaomi challenges Facebook in the field of wearables by launching its own smart glasses. The device will not only be able to take photos, but also display messages and notifications, make calls, provide navigation and translate text in real time before your eyes. Like Facebook, Xiaomi also emphasizes the lightness of the device despite its functionality. At 51 grams, however, it’s a bit heavier than the social network’s Ray-Ban Stories. In addition, the glasses also have an indicator light that indicates when the 5 megapixel camera is in use.

Xiaomi’s smart glasses are powered by a quad-core ARM processor and run on Android. They also use MicroLED imaging technology, which is known to have higher brightness and longer lifespan than OLED. The company claims that the technology has a simpler structure that has allowed it to create a compact screen with individual 4m pixels. However, you won’t be able to see the images you take in color – Xiaomi says it chose to use a monochrome display solution “to allow enough light to pass through complicated optical structures.”

The company explains:

“The grid structure etched on the inner surface of the lens allows light to be refracted in a unique way, directing it safely into the human eye. The refraction process involves bouncing light beams countless times, allowing the human eye to see a full image and greatly increasing usability while wearing it. All of this is done inside a single lens, instead of using complex multi-lens systems, mirrors, or half mirrors like other products do.

Its smart glasses won’t just be a second screen for your phone, according to Xiaomi. It is independently capable of many things, like selecting the most important notifications to show you, including smart home alarms and important contact messages. The device’s navigation capability can display maps and directions right in front of your eyes. It can also show you the number of the person who is currently calling your phone, and you can take the call using the smart glasses built-in microphone and speakers.

This microphone will also be able to pick up speech, which Xiaomi’s proprietary translation algorithm can translate in real time. The glasses translate feature also works on written text and text on photos captured through its camera. Unfortunately, the company has yet to announce a price or launch date for the glasses, but we’ll keep you posted when we do.

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Engadget.

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