WWE exits 2021: Braun Strowman, Andrade and Samoa Joe topped Superstar Cup list

It is the season of future endeavor.

While WWE has a reputation for recruiting some of the best wrestling talent in the world, it has also gained notoriety for misusing and ultimately unleashing said talent. The coronavirus pandemic has swelled the company’s 2020 exit list, but expect the same this year as several top wrestlers have already been released from WWE contracts.

With WrestleMania 37 in the rearview mirror, the company has entered its annual “spring cleaning” period, during which it releases stars in droves. A few releases have already been made so far in 2021, with a few surprising names topping the list.

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In June, more talent was surprisingly released, with six names in total hitting the unemployment line in a new wave of layoffs.

Sporting News will follow the latest reported releases throughout 2021 below.

WWE is coming out 2021

Braun strowman

Release: June 2

The “Monster Among Men” was part of the next wave of WWE releases on June 2, a surprising headliner among the roster. As an early member of the Wyatt family, Strowman has grown into one of the best characters on “RAW” in recent years, ending up wallowing in the dark before WWE surprisingly released him on June 2.

Aleister Black

Release: June 2

Black – again under his old name Tommy End after his release – was among the June 2 outings, losing his WWE job as part of his cost-cutting measures.

After a successful stint in WWE’s NXT brand, Black never found a solid foundation on the company’s major brands, spending time away from TV until recently. Black was expected to receive a big boost, but ended up being pushed out of work.

buddy murphy

Release: June 2

Murphy began his WWE career in the NXT sub-brand alongside Wesley Blake and Alexa Bliss, eventually spending time away before reappearing as the company’s “Best Kept Secret” on 205Live. After his call to the main roster, he lost his first name (as most do), simply calling himself “Murphy” and acting alongside Seth Rollins in a villainous stable.


Release: June 2

Wife of AEW star Miro (then known as Rusev), Lana spent time in WWE as a “Ravishing Russian,” so Rusev’s worth before moving on to a career in the ring. While Lana never reached her cap as a talent, she was loved by fans. In 2020, Lana spent time going table after table in an angle that was supposed to pay off to make her a mega-star, but she ended up exiting the company.

Ruby riott

Release: June 2

Ruby Riott – originally Ruby Riot before the main roster geniuses decided to add a T to her last name for whatever reason – was released as part of the company’s June 2 releases.

Prior to a long career as an indy star, Riott landed in NXT and quickly climbed despite not winning gold in the promotion. She made her WWE debut alongside fellow NXT wrestlers Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan as Riott Squad in 2017. Logan would eventually be released from his contract, leaving Riott and Morgan behind, until Riott was released. in June.

Santana garrett

Release: June 2

Garrett was a longtime independent wrestler before eventually making appearances for WWE as an improvement talent in 2013. Garrett has primarily worked as an improvement talent throughout his WWE career.


Release: March 21st

Andrade (formerly known as Andrade “Cien” Almas in WWE) reportedly requested his release in March and was granted it on March 21. Luchador was a former NXT champion and had little success on the main roster, however, winning the United States Championship once.

Known as “La Sombra” in NJPW and CMLL before his arrival in NXT, Andrade will likely find success in another wrestling company, and soon.

Lars sullivan

Signaled output: February 2021

Sullivan was reserved as a potential heel around the world before injury sidelined him in 2019, and several controversies followed: Sullivan’s mysoginistic and racist comments on an internet forum surfaced, as well as his appearance in an adult film years before his wrestling career. set off.

Speaking to Fightful earlier in the year, Sullivan revealed that he struggles with anxiety issues and that the company has handled his release with grace.

He was quietly released in February, not even having received the “Future Endeavor” treatment on

Steve cutler

Posted: February 4

Cutler, one-third of the Forgotten Sons, was released after the stable was disbanded following controversial tweets from Jaxson Ryker regarding former President Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Some reports indicate Vince McMahon was “livid” with the appearance of Cutler (real name Steve Maclin) at a New Years Eve party, as the company continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Samoa Joe

Posted: April 15

Former NXT champion and badass Samoa Joe was released on April 15 during the company’s annual mass outings. One wonders why Joe was released, because as both a wrestler and broadcaster he was very valuable.

Peyton royce

Posted: April 15

Royce, half of WWE’s “Iiconics”, was fired on April 15. With Billie Kay, Royce’s career blossomed on NXT before he got the main roster call. This proved unsuccessful, with the company choosing to split the duo later.

Billie Kay

Posted: April 15

Australian Kay, half of WWE’s “Iiconics”, was fired on April 15. Alongside Peyton Royce, Kay made her mark in WWE’s NXT sub-brand before being called to the main roster. The luck of “Femme Fatale” was cut short as the company decided to end the duo shortly after the call.

Mickie james

Posted: April 15

James, a veteran of the women’s division, had a recurring relationship with the company for the past decade and more. She eventually returned to WWE in 2016, making sporadic appearances over the year until her release.

Chelsea Green

Posted: April 15

Green never made an appearance on the main roster, but was granted a three-year contract extension with WWE in November 2020. Injuries kept her out, which ultimately led to her release. .

She is married to former WWE star Matt Cardona (formerly known as Zack Ryder).

Knight Tucker

Posted: April 15

Knight, formerly on a team alongside Otis Dozovic, was separated from his partner shortly after making his main roster debut. After Heavy Machinery’s unfortunate disbandment, Knight floundered into a bachelor role, ultimately leading to his release.


Posted: April 15

Kalisto, a third of the Lucha House Party, was estranged from his team mates in the 2020 WWE Draft. While a former United States Champion and Cruiserweight, Kalisto’s eight-year career at WWE ended shortly after WrestleMania 37.

Bo Dallas

Posted: April 15

Dallas, brother of Bray Wyatt, never found a foothold in WWE, struggling to find a gadget that worked for him on the main roster. While working with The Miz and Curtis Axel, Dallas had been away from WWE TV for over a year.

Sadly, Dallas was fired on April 15, 2021, ending a career that spanned more than a decade in WWE brands.

Wesley blake

Posted: April 15

Blake was part of the controversial Forgotten Sons team that made their debut in NXT before moving to the main brand. His stable mate, Steve Cutler, was released in February. Only Jaxon Ryker, who has been criticized for controversial tweets, remains employed by the company.

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