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Woodward’s Trump Book Describes General’s Secret Calls to China

“I continually reminded him,” General Milley reportedly said, “depending on where and what you hit, you could end up at war. “

Later that day, General Milley spoke with President Nancy Pelosi, who was increasingly concerned that Mr. Trump would go on a rampage and use military force.

“It’s bad, but who knows what he could do?” Said Ms. Pelosi. “He’s crazy. You know he’s crazy. He’s been crazy for a long time. So don’t say you don’t know what his state of mind is.

“Madam President,” General Milley said, “I agree with you on everything. “

General Milley, who as the president’s main military adviser is not in the chain of command, tried to reassure Ms Pelosi that he could arrest Mr Trump.

“The only thing I can guarantee is that as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I want you to know that – I want you to know that deep in your heart, I can guarantee you 110% that the military, the use of military power, whether it is a nuclear strike or a strike in a foreign country of any kind, we are not going to do anything illegal or crazy, ”he said.

“Well,” Ms. Pelosi said, “what do you mean, illegal or crazy? “

“I can give you my word,” General Milley said. “The best I can do is give you my word and I’ll stop something like that in the US military.”

After speaking to Ms Pelosi, General Milley called a meeting in a Pentagon war room with top military commanders, telling them he wanted to review long-standing procedures for launching a nuclear weapon. . The general reminded commanders that only the president could order such a strike and that General Milley should be directly involved.

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