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Woman loses job after being caught on camera coughing on people at Nebraska grocery store

A woman lost her job after being caught on camera intentionally coughing on other shoppers at a Nebraska grocery store following a bizarre altercation over Covid masks, according to reports.

The incident was filmed by a woman who was shopping with her child at a Lincoln store earlier this month. The video shows a middle-aged blonde woman without a mask approaching them to ask them why they were wearing masks.

“You are so cute,” she told the mother and child, and began to question them if they had been vaccinated.

When the woman filming asked her why she wasn’t wearing a mask, the stranger replied, “I have allergies. I may have a medical problem. I don’t need to wear a mask.

The woman, who posted the video on Reddit as Jessabird, then said the stranger started following them into the store and started coughing on them intentionally.

“Then I tried to continue shopping but this lady followed me into the store. I told her that she had to keep her distance and that her coughing on me was an assault. She laughed and kept saying, “Look at you, it’s so cute you’re scared,” Jessabird added.

The woman also called the mother and child “sheep”. The video has racked up millions of views on social media platforms.

The woman, identified only as Jane, is from Scottsdale, Ariz., And subsequently lost her job, 12 News reported.

The woman’s employer SAP tweeted last week: “We have reviewed the incident and can confirm that the person in question is no longer with SAP.”

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