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Wolf boss Nuno Espirito Santo accused of FA for criticizing Mason

The manager was extremely critical of the match referee following his side’s 2-1 loss to Burnley.

Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo has been indicted by the Football Federation following his criticism of referee Lee Mason.

Following Wolves’ 2-1 loss to Burnley in the Premier League on December 21, Nuno did not hold back in his criticism of Mason.

Talk to Sky Sports after the match Nuno said: “Honestly, I don’t like to say it, but I have to say it because I won’t feel good: the referee does not have the quality to whistle a game in the Premier League.

“It’s a problem that we were familiar with. We had Lee Mason before. It’s not about big mistakes or decisions, but how he handles the game.

“Players get nervous. Too many voices. He hisses through voices when some players shout. He doesn’t [it]. We are talking about the best competition and clearly he does not have the quality to whistle the match.

“I’m very disappointed to say it, really disappointed to say it, but I wouldn’t feel good if I didn’t say it. It’s happened before.”

Nuno then qualified his comments and subsequently apologized for the timing of the interview, but not the subject.

The FA took a grim image of Nuno’s actions and accused him of improper conduct.

“Wolves Nuno Espírito Santo have been charged with a breach of FA E3 rule in connection with their Premier League match against Burnley FC on Monday, December 21, 2020,” the FA said in a statement. declaration.

“It is alleged that the comments made by the head coach during a post-match interview constitute inappropriate conduct as they were personally offensive to the match referee and / or discredited the game contrary to the FA rule E3.1.

Nuno has until January 5 to respond to the accusation.

FA rules allow post-match commentary to criticize a match official’s performance or competence, but must not involve bias, attack the integrity of the official, be personally offensive, protracted or unreasonable.

Before having to answer the FA accusation, Nuno will bring his accusations to Brighton for a Premier League clash on Saturday.


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