With her “globe-trotting surfer”, Julie educates toddlers about ecology

Behind the sparkling Julie, all smiles, hides a woman already very complete and very committed. Since the end of 2020, the thirty-something, graphic designer and surfer, is also the author of a book: “Iris, the globe-trotting surfer”. The birth of this work is linked to that of his niece. When Julie’s twin sister gave birth on March 6, 2020, she was overcome with great emotion.

Julie at work (Julie Lostanlen)

All passions together

“I wanted to do something special for my niece,” says the young woman. Initially, she imagines a story for this baby she cherishes. Then, along the way, on the advice of friends, Julie overcomes her fears and decides to publish her story. A book that brings together all the passions of the new auntie and bears the first name of her niece.

Since she was 15, Julie has been surfing, more than a passion, a way of life!
Since she was 15, Julie has been surfing. More than a passion, a way of life! (Ctof bzh)

Julie moved to Lannion (22) in January 2019. Originally from Central Brittany, after her baccalaureate obtained in 2008, the student moved to Toulouse where she followed a preparatory course in applied arts, before returning to Nantes, for a BTS communication visual she won in 2012. A traveler at heart, the young graduate leaves for a few months to travel around Australia. On her return, she took a professional license in Bordeaux and worked in a printing company which produced wine labels in particular. “I learned a lot about the trade at that time,” she says happily.

The call of Brittany

Julie continued her professional experience in this city for five years. But Brittany misses her who has been surfing since she was 15 years old. So when her partner finds a job there, she jumps at the chance to come back to her native region. Even if it is in a Trégor that she only knows by name. The young woman settles there as a graphic designer and illustrator. And the local surf spots seduce her.

As a surfer I am sometimes shocked to see the condition of the beaches

These are all these qualities that the sparkling Julie has put to the service of her book in which Iris, the globe-trotting surfer, with very simple words, delivers a message to toddlers, to take care of the planet. “As a surfer, I am sometimes shocked to see the state of the beaches”, regrets Julie, who wanted to raise awareness on the subject.

With her “globe-trotting surfer”, Julie educates toddlers about ecology
(Julie Lostanlen)

It is thanks to crowdfunding that the book has been released in 300 copies, where everything has been thought out by the designer for an eco-responsible approach. A reissue is planned. Her greatest gift? It’s when the heroine, from the top of her one year old now, flips through the book and recognizes her friend Tourto!

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