With deconfinement, sports halls are back in shape – France

9:30 a.m., room Wake Up Form, in Quimper. Michel, a dynamic retiree, moves from one apparatus to another. “Today, I did an hour and a half of exercise,” he announces, wiping his face. “It’s really good to find this room and the people there. I’ve been coming here for ten years. I have a lot of friends there. During the confinement, I continued to practice. I even bought some equipment. But it was not obvious. Specialty stores quickly ran out of stock. Nothing beats the room. Here, we are more motivated, contact with others creates real emulation ”.

Michel is one of the 1,200 customers subscribing to this room, managed by Thibaut Gloanec. “We were closed for seven and a half months. And for eleven months if we combine the two confinements, ”explains the manager. ” It’s enormous. We lost a lot of subscribers. The vast majority of them will come back, I’m sure ”.

30% canceled subscriptions

This observation is also made by the National Union of Outdoor and Indoor Leisure Companies (FNEAPL). According to this professional body, 30% of subscribers would have canceled their subscription in 2020. At the national level, the sector would have lost 2.5 billion euros in turnover. “We have loss, for sure. But we are lucky to live in a country where we have been helped to cope. Elsewhere, our foreign colleagues have often been left to fend for themselves ”.

For this new recovery, the gauge has been halved. “We can accommodate 100 people in 1,000 m². We made sure to really distance the machines, ”continues Thibaut Gloanec, who manages two other rooms, in Lorient and Pont-l’Abbé. Members play the game of health instructions. Like this lady who meticulously disinfects the handles of an elliptical trainer before using them.

A truce to start work

Four kilometers away, still in Quimper, Pierre Puddu, from Gym In Fitness, welcomes his customers with a big smile. “This mandatory truce was extremely long,” he explains. “But it enabled us to launch major renovation and extension works. It was bad for good ”. In this 3,500 m² complex, one of the largest in Brittany, the 160 machines have once again been put into service. “We really believe in the recovery. We will know more in September. It is during this period of good back-to-school resolutions that we make the most subscriptions ”.

New activities could also boost the number of customers of this establishment which, apart from sanitary constraints, can accommodate 340, against 170 today. Like this futsal pitch which will be fitted out in the coming weeks. “We will continue our projects by opening a clubhouse, a friendly place where people can meet”. Like before.

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