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Will the Licra take legal action against Houria Bouteldja?  – RT in French

La Licra announces that it is considering a legal action against Houria Bouteldja, a former spokesperson for the Indigenous Party of the Republic, after the publication of his text about the Israeli origin of Miss Provence, April Benayoun.

The league against racism and anti-Semitism (Licra) announced on Twitter on December 29 its possible intention to take legal action about a text by Houria Bouteldja, founder and former spokesperson for the Party of the Indigenous People of the Republic (PIR): “We are examining the advisability of bringing the text by Houria Bouteldja first published on Mediapart before being withdrawn and then taken up by the UJFP site. Because, assuming the criminal offense established, one cannot be innocently anti-Semitic. “

The newspaper Marianne specifies that the text first published on the blog pages of Mediapart on December 24 was “so racist” that the investigative site “had to resolve to unpublish it”.

The activist’s text was written in reaction to the controversy sparked by racist comments made online against the candidate for the Miss France show, April Benayoun.

Houria Bouteldja wrote in particular: “One cannot be innocently Israeli”, but also explained: “Among the natives living in the hexagon, you will find, among the less politicized, a confused anti-Jewishism, halfway between Gallic anti-Semitism , the fruit of their great integration, and anti-Israelism, the fruit of their anti-colonial spontaneity. “

Houria Bouteldja retired from the PIR in October 2020.