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Will Julia Fox cover relationship with Kanye West in her memoir?  She says…


Julia Fox leaves nothing to chance in his next memoirs.

However, when it comes to Kanye Westwho Fox briefly dated after the rapper split from his ex-wife Kim KardashianTHE Uncut gemstones The actress said he was only a small part in her bigger story.

“It’s about six pages,” Fox said exclusively. E! News Caroline Bermudez on the Victoria’s Secret World Tour 2023 red carpet (watch the full episode at 11 p.m.). “I feel like I took it very lightly. I’m not trying to be cold-blooded or anything, that’s all in the past.”

Fox and West ended their month-long whirlwind romance in February 2022. And as the 33-year-old later recalled ES magazine, she decided to quit “at the first sign of alarm”.

“The unresolved issues he was dealing with,” she shared in September 2022. “It seems like he had a lot to do, and I just don’t have the time or the energy. “I don’t have the time. Bandwidth or emotional capacity for that. I’m proud of myself for that. Before Valentine’s Day, Julia would definitely have held on and been around longer.”