Why the African Super League is different from the European Super League – Caf Ahmed Yahya

During the meeting last Friday in Rabat, the executive committee of the Caf instructed the Interclub Competitions Commission to accelerate the study of the new project.

Chairman of the Caf Interclub Competitions Commission, Ahmed Yahya explained the potential benefits of the creation of the African Super League.

Caf President Patrice Motsepe has already given the green light for the new competition and the continental body at its last executive meeting in Rabat supported it.

Unlike the European Super League which was rejected by UEFA and other big clubs, Yahya has said that the African Supernational League will bring more development to African football, including financial stability.

“In Europe, the project was announced outside the structure of football and in open conflict with UEFA,” said the president of the Mauritanian Federation. Marca.

“The African Super League will be created within the football structures, respecting the football pyramid and seeks to help African football clubs to develop or, in some cases, to survive, by providing them with the financial stability necessary to continue their valuable work of developing young talents. and take them to a higher stage.

“This will be one of the perks of the African Super League: the ability to establish good practices and requirements that will ultimately benefit football across the continent. Details of these requirements will also take shape in the coming months, but will relate to the need for teams to invest in stadiums, careers, education, women’s football, adequate training facilities, transparent financial management. and sustainable fiscal years and budgets. “

The African Super League is still at the proposal stage with the club competitions committee tasked with accelerating its feasibility study.

While there is no format yet, Yahya believes the new tournament would come with a reward for all stakeholders involved – fans, clubs and players.

“We want stronger clubs in Africa. We want fans to be able to enjoy watching their idols play for their clubs in Africa longer, ”he continued.

“We want players to feel rewarded and drawn to this new competition. We want to create the conditions for them to think twice or even say no to certain offers from Europe if they are not really super interesting.

“We know that we will not be able to close the gap between African clubs and clubs from other continents, but we really believe that this competition can help to reduce this gap by giving African clubs more tools to compete with the clubs from other continents, at a sporting, organizational and financial level.


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