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Why Nicki Minaj, Lorde and more stars didn’t attend the 2021 MTV VMAs

It was a starry night at the VMA MTV 2021-but some celebrities were visibly absent.

Lorde was among the artists absent from the September 12 awards ceremony. On September 3, the official Twitter account as the VMAs have confirmed that the “Royals” star could not perform this year “due to a change in production items.”

In a newsletter sent to fans a few days later, the New Zealand singer-songwriter assured fans that she was okay with the change. “I saw that some people were very worried that I was going to retire from VMAs, you are so nice, I am absolutely fine!” she wrote by Entertainment tonight. “It’s just that we were planning this incredibly amazing intimate multi-body dance performance not fully understanding the (very necessary!) Safety protocols and you know I can’t do anything less than exceptional for you. guys.”

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