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Why Matthew McConaughey let his son Levi join social media


There were no launch failures Matthew McConaugheythe son Levithe new Instagram account of.

After him and his wife Camila Alves McConaughey revealed in July that their 15-year-old would be joining social media, the Dallas Buyers Club The actor shared a glimpse of what led them to grant their eldest the permission to post.

“We thought he was ready,” the Oscar-winning actor said. People in an interview published on September 7. “After two or three years of talking about pitfalls and downfalls and downfalls and following me on my IGs and his mom on his and picking out the people he looked up to and who He spoke. ”

And while Matthew previously admitted Camila was nervous about Levi joining Instagram, the 53-year-old expressed confidence in the teenager’s ability to navigate space.

“He’s a very caring and cool young man,” he added. “I hope the world can reciprocate and treat him the same way he treats them.”