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Why Matthew McConaughey is OK if his kids have their secrets

“One of the best lessons we can give to our children, as a father, is to show them how much I love their mother,” and vice versa for Camila, he said. “And a lot of times that means, ‘No, the door is closed and you’re not welcome.’ A lot of times that means mom and dad need their time.”

The way he and Camila interact in front of the kids is key, McConaughey continued. “When you cook in the kitchen, how you treat each other, how you disagree, how you show affection – claps, ‘giddies,’ ‘attaboys,’ ‘I love you, baby.’ Those are really great lessons that our kids, whether they let you know they see them there or not, you didn’t give them advice, but they saw it and they will. clock he.”

And more importantly, when they’re not really in the “I love you, baby” mood, they make sure to let the kids know that everything will be okay.

“We disagree and you call it a fight or whatever you want to call it,” McConaughey said. “But look at us in the morning. We didn’t go to bed holding grudges, or we’ll continue to take responsibility for each other, even if it’s the good old ‘I love you, but I don’t.’ don’t like it, don’t you now.’ My mother said that, it’s a good thing.”

He added: “There are times when that can be true, but the love is always there.”


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