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Why did Kanye West turn against his old friend Jared Kushner?

KAnye West took issue with a character he previously professed his love for in his extensive interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson: Jared Kushner.

Throughout Thursday night’s explosive encounter between the pair, Kanye touched on a number of topics including his pro-life stance, his decision to wear a red MAGA cap, called the body positive moment “demonic and chastised the fashion industry for cheering on her ex. -wife, Kim Kardashian, to “give him a **” for magazines.

In one of the most zany and unexpected exchanges, Kanye sharply criticized Mr. Kushner, a former senior White House adviser to his father-in-law, Donald Trump, insinuating that he was a person solely motivated by financial gain. .

“I just think it was to make money,” he told Mr. Carlson of Mr. Kushner’s work facilitating the Abraham Accords, an agreement that aimed to normalize ties between Israel and the Arab nations.

Although it seems that relations between the two men have deteriorated recently, the two Trump loyalists were not always at odds, as jovial meetings inside the White House were documented as far back as 2018.

Here, we trace the friendly-turned-hostile relationship between Mr. Kushner and Kanye and explain why recent tensions have developed.

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How were things before?

Before they began to publicly go after Mr. Kushner, Kanye and the 41-year-old investor had a buddy-buddy relationship that dates back more than a decade.

While appearing on Fox News in August 2020 to discuss an encounter he had with University dropout artist, Mr Kushner shared that “unlike others, I am able to keep friendships across the aisle” and that he had been friends with then Kanye “for ten years”.

“He’s a very, very special person, he’s a very successful musical artist, he’s a very successful designer, he’s been very successful in a lot of the things he’s done,” he told host Bret Baier.

Mr Kushner also seemed to have an outsized influence on Kanye’s political aspirations, being one of the first people he contacted when the billionaire rapper planned to announce his candidacy for president in 2020 and also being responsible for facilitating a meeting that brought him and his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, a meeting with the president to discuss sentencing reform.

“I love Jared,” Kanye said Forbes in 2020, when they spoke “almost daily”.

The public courtship between the two remained positive until last January, when they were photographed at a dinner date in Miami. According to reports from Page 6dinner at the Carbone celebrity hotspot in Miami Beach “was a purely private dinner” and there was “no business agenda”.

When did things go downhill?

The sourness between the two so far only appears to be on Kanye’s side, as Mr. Kushner has yet to make any public proclamations as grandiose as the rapper’s.

On Thursday, Kanye took to his favorite social media platform to warn his haters, Instagram, where he first attacked Mr Kushner’s venture capitalist brother, Josh.

“F*** JOSH KUSHNER,” he wrote in a post that quickly racked up over 100,000 likes. “WHAT IF I HAD 10% OF THE KARLIE KLOSS UNDERWEAR LINE WITHOUT YOU KNOWING. AND YOU ONLY HAVE 5%,” he added, in apparent reference to Josh Kushner’s company, Thrive Capital, which invested in Kardashian SKIMS.

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, lambastes Jared and Josh Kushner on his Instagram account

(Instagram/@Kanye West)

The Yeezy creator then turned his anger on his former friend and phone mate, Jared. “JARED WAS HOLDING TRUMP back,” he wrote in a message in all caps, before noting that Mr Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, “IS THE FIRE”.

It’s unclear what stake Josh Kushner’s company has in SKIMS, but the most recent rounds Thrive participated in were in January 2022. Kanye also reportedly held a stake in his ex-wife’s shapewear company.

What did Kanye tell Tucker Carlson about Jared?

If previous Instagram posts had left any doubt that Kanye had indeed harbored ill will towards his former dinner mate, that was immediately clarified on Thursday night when the interview between Kanye and Mr Carlson aired on Fox News’ primetime schedule.

Kanye took aim at the ex-president’s son-in-law while discussing the role his former friend played in normalizing relations between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain in 2020, alleging he was only motivated by profit.

“I just think it was to make money,” Kanye said, before backtracking on his statement and asking the Fox News host if it was “too heavy to put on this plate. -shape”, to which Carlson replied “no”.

Although he had a few choice words for him on Thursday regarding the Middle East peace negotiations, Kanye once praised Mr. Kushner for the work he has done, which he pointed to as something no one couldn’t have done in “30 years”.

“Jared Kushner will have done more for peace in the Middle East than anyone in 30 years,” he tweeted on September 15, 2020.

Kanye’s criticisms, however, aren’t completely unfounded, as the former White House adviser is currently being questioned by the House Oversight Committee over a $2 billion investment the Saudi government gave to a company created by Mr. Kushner, which was deposited in accounts. shortly after leaving the White House last year.

Yet the famous rapper-turned-entrepreneur took to calling Mr. Kushner on questions other than his motivation for monetary gain, shaming him and other so-called White House “managers.” for obstructing Trump’s agenda.

“These guys could have really held Trump back and really been a manager at that time,” Kanye said of Mr. Kushner and his brother, Josh, on Thursday. “They liked to look at me or look at Trump like we’re so crazy and they’re business people.”

And what about Trump?

The former president and Kanye have repeatedly embraced their unwavering support for each other’s ambitions – political or otherwise.

In December 2016, just weeks before the then-president-elect’s inauguration, there was the infamous incident where the rapper stepped off the elevator at Trump Tower after meeting the former internet mogul. estate and posed for a photo shoot in front of a flurry of photographers and press. .

“Just friends, just friends. He is a good man, who is doing well. We’ve been friends for a long time,” Mr. Trump said of the couple meeting.

Throughout the Trump administration, Kanye has continued to show his support for the then president and don the red hat, a move he told Mr Carlson on Thursday has drawn ire from his innermost circles. relatives.

His “so-called slash handler friends” reportedly warned him that his career would be over if he continued to fight for Mr Trump, adding that they said: “I’d be killed for wearing the hat”.

When asked on Thursday whether his feelings for the 45th president have changed in the years since he left office, Kanye paused and even cracked a smile as he appeared to reflect. to the question and his feelings about the man he once called “superman”. ”.

“Come on man, Trump is the asshole. What do you mean? It has its own buildings. What are you talking about? He’s like Ralph Lauren. He did Ivanka,” he told Mr. Carlson with a laugh.

Apart from the two men sharing a great admiration for each other, it would seem that the former president also shares a commonality in his dislike for his son-in-law.

According New York Times the new book by journalist Maggie Haberman, Man of confidence, Trump was just seconds away from launching a tweet that would have alerted his daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her husband, Jared Kushner, that they had been fired. Ms Haberman also reported that the former president also grew weary of his son-in-law’s presence and described him as looking “like a child”.

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