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Why are Barcelona fans called cules?

Supporters of the Spanish giants have always been known as “cules”, but when and where did the term originate?

Real Madrid fans are called “Madridistas”, a nickname derived from their club’s name.

For Barcelona fans, however, who call themselves ‘cules’, the terminology isn’t that straightforward – so what’s the meaning of the name? Goal take a look.

Why are Barcelona fans called cules?

The Camp Nou has a capacity of almost 100,000, but the Barcelona home hasn’t always been so spacious and accommodating.

The real story of why Barcelona supporters call themselves ‘cules’ dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when Barcelona played their matches on a small pitch called Calle de la Industria, which could not contain than 6000 people.

The stadium was very simple and not at all lavish, far from the grandiose design of Camp Nou. But even then, Barcelona had more fans than they could accommodate on their pitch, with the stadium having only a single wall and a two-level booth.

And so, for most of the Barcelona fans to catch their team in action, they would start perching on the walls that surrounded the pitch.

Those who walked past the ground from the outside, then, could only see glimpses of the rear of these fans.

The Catalan word “ass” translates to “backside” in English – this is how the nickname for these fans was born.

English author Phil Ball noted that at the time “everything you could see was row after row of bums.”

Barcelona eventually moved to a larger stadium in 1922 called Les Corts, which initially held 20,000 supporters, and was later expanded to contain 60,000.

The Camp Nou opened in 1957 and is now the largest stadium in Europe, although the club’s earlier and more humble roots are forever immortalized with Blaugrana fans still calling themselves ‘cules’.

What does “Mes Que Un Club” mean?

Barcelona’s official motto, “Mes Que Un Club” is a Catalan expression and means “more than a club”.

Barcelona’s official website proudly declares: “We are more than a team of big stars, we are more than a stadium full of dreams, we are more than the goals we have scored and more than the trophies we have won throughout our history. “

It is understood that the motto was first launched by former club president Narcis de Carreras in his 1968 nomination speech.

Since then, Mes Que Un Club has become synonymous with the Spanish powers, a slogan symbolizing the club’s reputation as something deeper than just a soccer team – it is something sacred.


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