Who is in the running to take over the daytime throne from Ellen DeGeneres?

Okay he’s kinda busy with his other job and you know he hangs out with our favorite Friends, so that can be a moo point. (You know, like a cow’s opinion.) But The Late Late Show with James Corden the host continues to appear as an option despite rejecting the idea last year when viewers speculated DeGeneres would step down amid allegations the show was a “toxic work environment.” (Not accused of misbehaving, DeGeneres is committed to making improvements.)

“Really, I have no idea where it even came from,” Corden insisted in September. Late show episode. “I think someone started a rumor somewhere and someone jumped on it. There is absolutely no truth to this story. Zero.”

Even if there had been a real offer, he wasn’t going to take it. “I think it would be a really crazy thing to take over from someone who I think has done the job so outrageously well for, like, 18 years,” he continued. “And I think when the day comes to end this show, [it] will be the day when I will probably stop hosting a show every day. “

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