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Whitney Cummings gives birth to her first baby


The next time Whitney Cummings goes on stage, she will do it like a mother.

The actress gave birth to her first baby, a boy. The 41-year-old announced the news on Instagram on December 17, alongside a photo of herself holding her son, whose face is not shown.

“A 3D printed human,” she joked. “Enjoy never having brushed hair again.”

THE Whitney The star had been incorporating pregnancy jokes into her stand-up sets over the past few months and also included them in her new OnlyFans TV comedy Whitney Cummings: Corker. She also documented her pregnancy on Instagram, where she first announced her pregnancy in June. She shared the news with an ultrasound and images of her playing catch with her dog, which showed her sporting a baby bump.

“In these photos I’m pregnant,” Whitney captioned her post. “And there’s a baby inside me too. A human puppy is coming in December.”

A week later, she revealed the sex of her baby in another Instagram post, although she later edited it to remove the reference.



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