When did the first creperies date?

When we talk about the crêperies in Brittany, we have the feeling that they have always existed. But no ! It is believed that they were born around the markets. Ambulant at the beginning, they then settled down in the 18th century. However, it was not until the end of the 19th century that the first professional crepe makers appeared, often war widows who saw this as a means of meeting the needs of their families.

At that time, Breton emigration grew, particularly towards the Paris region. Creperies appear. They are meeting places for expatriates nostalgic for the country, while helping to create a feeling of belonging. The pancakes are then tasted by hand. And rather standing.

The appearance of the billig

After the Second World War, a craftsman from Pouldreuzic (29), Jean-Marie Bosser, invented gas and then electric billigs. He created the famous Krampouz brand.

It was not until the invention of Jean-Marie Bosser, craftsman in Pouldreuzic (29), to see the arrival of gas billigs, then electricity (Photo Collection Breton Departmental Museum, Quimper / CD29 / Serge Goarin)

Now, crepe makers can control the heat and therefore vary the toppings. The complete appears, with egg, ham and cheese. The creperies became real restaurants in the 1960s. From now on, you sit down and enjoy them with cutlery.

Like the pizzeria, the Breton crêperie can conquer the world. Today they are offered on all continents, symbols of this happy identity that Bretons never tire of cultivating.

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