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what we know about the profile of the attacker




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Attack in Paris: what we know about the attacker

Attack in Paris: what we know about the profile of the attacker – (France 2)

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France 2 – A. Hanquet, A. Boutet, C. Cuello, N. Perez, E. Pelletier, L. Adjaoud, A. Delcourt, O. Gardette, G. Liaboeuf, @RevelateursFTV

France Televisions

The assailant who killed a tourist and injured two other people on Saturday December 2 in Paris was Fiché S and had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. Here is his profile.

Armand, 26 years old, a face and a name known to the intelligence services and the justice system. French, of Iranian origin, S file for radicalization. In 2016, he had already been arrested and then sentenced to four years in prison for a planned violent attack in the La Défense district. Described by his family as fragile and easily influenced, it was on the internet that the young man was radicalized when he was only 17 years old.

His family was worried

“His family quickly became very worried about his conversion and his radicalization, because unlike other terrorists, it was a radicalization that took place via the internet, he did not live in an Islamist breeding ground, his family was not Muslim and fled Iran.details Audrey Goutard, police-justice specialist at France Télévisions.



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