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What we know about the Maine shooting suspect


Authorities in Maine said an arrest warrant citing eight counts of murder had been issued for Robert R. Card, the 40-year-old man they were seeking in connection with Wednesday night’s shooting at a bowling and a bar in Lewiston.

Credit…Lewiston Police Department in Maine, via Associated Press

But officials declined to say much about him at a news conference Thursday morning, other than that his location remained unknown and that he should be considered armed and dangerous.

“We believe this is someone who should not be approached,” said Col. William G. Ross of the Maine State Police, urging state residents to be careful.

The U.S. Army Public Affairs Office at the Pentagon said a man named Robert Russell Card II, whose date of birth matches that of the suspect, is a sergeant first class in the Army Reserve who s He enlisted in December 2002. He was trained as an oil supply man. specialist whose job is to ship and store fuel for vehicles and aircraft.

He did not participate in any combat deployments, according to Pentagon records.

Law enforcement posted a photo on social media of the man they said they were looking for, wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt and carrying a military-style semi-automatic rifle.

Mr. Card was last known to be driving a white Subaru Outback with a black bumper, officials said. This vehicle was then found at a landing stage in the city of Lisbon, causing a lockdown. said the police.

Mr. Card was in his hometown of Bowdoin hunting deer as recently as last fall, a neighbor of his family said. Bowdoin is a small community located about 16 miles from Lewiston. The neighbor, Rick Goddard, 44, said he had known the Card family most of his life, because Mr. Goddard lives less than a mile down the road from the Card family home.

He described the Cards as quiet farmers who had lived in the area for several generations. Robert has a brother who also served in the military and a younger sister, Mr. Goddard said.

The area around Mr. Goddard’s rural home is usually quiet, but since Wednesday’s shooting, the sound of helicopters has come from above and tactical vehicles have passed nearby regularly.

At the Card family’s home address, no one opened the door on Thursday and there was only one car parked out front. A broken basketball hoop hung in the garage and a worn-out swing sat in the front yard.

A farm owned by the Card family is a short drive away, next to a property that belonged to Mr. Card’s grandfather, Mr. Goddard said, and he pointed out another property nearby that once housed Mr. Card’s grandfather. grandfather. It is now abandoned. The area is full of dense woods where one can hide.

“We’re nervous right now because we know this is his favorite area,” Mr Goddard said.



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