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What we know about the Gaza hospital bombing


The scenes of carnage have sparked anger across the Arab world, with governments from Turkey to Saudi Arabia blaming Israel. Lebanese militant group Hezbollah called for “a day of anger” and Jordan canceled a meeting of Arab leaders that Biden was due to attend on Wednesday – a major setback for US diplomatic efforts.

Overall, the explosion has added to the misery of the population of encircled Gaza, currently in the grip of a humanitarian crisis.

Since the Hamas terrorist attack, Israel has imposed a siege on Gaza. Drinking water, food, fuel, medical supplies and electricity are diminishing or gone. Promised humanitarian aid crossing the border into Egypt has yet to materialize.

“We were sitting in groups with our families and friends,” Muhammad Al-Turk told NBC News Tuesday of the scene on the hospital grounds, where many people had gathered as they fled Israeli airstrikes and a growing humanitarian crisis. “Suddenly there were lights in the sky and when we looked up, a missile fell,” he added.

“The stones of the buildings fell on us. We saw martyrs everywhere, in their hundreds,” he said. “I covered my face while my close friends were martyred, my relatives were also injured.”

Abu Fulla Mohammed, whose sister was injured, said the scene will haunt him forever: “What I saw will stay in my mind until I die.” »



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