What I learned from a month of trying to love to run

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When I decided to spend a month trying to get myself to actually love running for the Lifehacker Fitness Challenge, I have to admit that my expectations were low. And after my first race, they or they dropped even more than I thought possible. What followed over the next few weeks was a series of ups and downs, culminating in this conclusion: I don’t fully understand like operation still, but I can really tolerate it now, and i think i will grow up like it more over time.

As you will remember, if you have followed my course, this first race that I took– just to have a baseline from where I was starting – everything went wrong. I ran uphill in my neighborhood (for reasons I still can’t explain), I felt like my ankles couldn’t bend properly (for reasons I still can’t pin down), and I had barely two blocks before cursing my decision to try this challenge at all (this part makes sense).

By week two, however, I had discovered the joy that is the Zombies, Run! application, which I found amusing and which gave me extra motivation, and I landed in a solid neutral “the race is meh“Category-a major improvement. The third week saw even more benefits after Lifehacker’s Editor-en-CChef Jordan Calhoun and I interviewed Jason Fitzgerald of Force Running for the Lifehacker podcast The upgrade—Jason encouragement and guidance prepared me for what was Probably the most enjoyable ride I have ever taken in my life. I didn’t necessarily like all running, but I liked this race in particular.

When I woke up the next morning with a sore ankle, I gave myself several days of rest to do not may injure him further. The following week was something of a bummer including odid last run that ended when the pain in my ankle suddenly went just set ablaze as i was about to slow down to walk. So far, it’s been going pretty well. I felt strong and proud of the progress I had made.

Despite the minor injury, I gave myself a ‘three’ on my running mood scale of one to five for this week.. (Five being, “Oh, so this this is what hell looks like ”, and one of them,“ Weeee, I’m a runner! Watch me go! “) I feel like it’s still a success, because if you had asked me a month ago how I expected that I would feel while end this challenge on a painful note, I would have said: “Like that will be the last race I will ever take.

actually, I did tell me at the start of this process that if I made it to the end of the month and still hated running, I would never have to “run” again for as long as I lived, and I could go back to my exercises that I actually enjoy. But I can see now that I never stopped running long enough in the past to overcome the bump most new runners experience at first. And this time I can say I’m right here, I’m so close.

So done Do I learn to love running in 30 days? I guess not during this particular 30 days, given the circumstances. But I has been able to develop a new appreciation for it, and I can see a way forward for love it in the near future – a future in which proper stretching has finally become top priority.


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