What are Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet, workout and fitness secrets?

There is no player in world football who has garnered more praise for his physical qualities and dedication to his profession than Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Juventus and Portugal star possesses an extraordinary set of athletic skills, combining fast pace and agility with elite aerial ability and power.

Ronaldo was not born with these traits, however; the rippling physique we see today is a marked transformation from the skinny teenager who arrived at Manchester United from Sporting in 2003.

So how was the incredible athlete and five-time Ballon d’Or winner created?

With the help of 15 fitness tips, Ronaldo revealed himself, Goal take a look at the secrets of his strength and speed.

How does Cristiano Ronaldo train?

First thing to do: start with a warm-up to decrease the risk of injury. “In training, we do a few laps of the field, stretching exercises and cardio warm-up,” says Ronaldo.

“Make sure you do something similar in your workout, even if it’s jogging to the gym or warming up on the treadmill or the bike.”

When he’s at the gym, Ronaldo’s main training is split between cardiovascular training – like running and rowing – and weights. “Mix it up,” Ronaldo advises – besides keeping things interesting, it’s important to make sure all areas of the body are targeted and that the exercises improve both strength and endurance.

On the pitch, the emphasis is on high intensity drills that reflect match situations. “We do a lot of sprint exercises during training and they can be incorporated into your workout whether you’re in the gym or outside,” says Ronaldo. “Try to add it to every workout you do.”

However, training is not limited to the time Ronaldo has spent in training centers. “Exercise wherever you can,” he adds.

“You can do an abs workout in your bedroom when you wake up in the morning or before going to bed. If you get into a routine, it will make it easier because it will become a habit.”


What does Cristiano Ronaldo eat?

There is no point in having the most beautiful car if you are not going to put the right fuel in it.

Ronaldo, unsurprisingly, takes his diet very seriously. “Good training should be combined with good nutrition,” he says. “I eat a diet high in protein, lots of whole carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, and I avoid sugary foods.”

The Portugal international has a personal dietitian who has worked with him since his days at Real Madrid, eating six small meals a day – or one every three to four hours.

He particularly likes fish – especially swordfish, sea bass and sea bream – and his favorite dish is bacalhau a braz, which is a mixture of cod, onions, minced potatoes and scrambled eggs. He also eats a lot of fruit and lean protein. In restaurants, Ronaldo says he often orders steak and salad, and never anything frozen – everything he eats is fresh.

For his breakfast, Ronaldo likes cheese, ham, low fat yogurt, as well as lots of fruit and avocado toast.

“Eat regularly,” Ronaldo continues. “If you exercise regularly, it is important to maintain a high level of energy to fuel your body for better performance. I sometimes eat up to six small meals a day to make sure I have enough energy. energy to perform each session at the highest level. “

Hydration is also vital – “clean water is so important,” says Ronaldo – but one of the sacrifices he makes to keep his body in top condition is avoiding alcohol and carbonated drinks.

In 2021, he made headlines for a dismissive assessment of the Coca-Cola soft drink at Euro 2020, urging people to “drink water” instead.

What other secrets has Cristiano Ronaldo?

Healthy living isn’t something Ronaldo spends a few hours each day – it’s a lifestyle he adheres to all the time.

It is not only a physical challenge, but also a mental one. “Learn to train your mind as well as your body,” says Ronaldo. “Mental strength is just as important as physical strength and will help you achieve your goals.

“Be disciplined. Staying motivated and sticking to your routine is key. For me, there is no room to relax, so I have to be strict.”

You can help yourself by setting goals and working with a workout partner, adding competitiveness and company to your routine.

When not exercising, Ronaldo tries to maintain a relaxed and restful lifestyle despite his massive fame and the attention he receives.

“Training and physical sessions are the most important, but living a relaxed life helps you to be the best you can be, physically and mentally,” says Ronaldo. “I spend my free time with my family and friends, which keeps me relaxed and in a positive state of mind.”

Something unique about Ronaldo’s fitness regimen is that he doesn’t sleep the traditional eight hours a day. Instead, he chooses to take five 90-minute naps a day.

Says Professor Littlehales in his book “Sleep: The Myth of 8 Hours, the Power of Siestes … and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind”: It is best for athletes to take five 90-minute naps each day each. instead of a full night’s sleep.

According to Daily mail, Ronaldo takes this forced rest advice seriously.

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