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Well-connected charity: when NGOs innovate to collect donations

December is the month of giving! After #GivingTuesday, the NGOs are getting ready to complete their fundraising campaigns. Online donations that are becoming more and more tech. Money pools, charity gaming, or blockchain: how are NGOs seizing new forms of donation?

Unicef ​​is a pioneer. Two years ago, the NGO set up a cryptocurrency fund to receive, collect and redistribute donations in bitcoin and ethereum. She didn’t stop there: she suggested that several video game streamers use their computers’ graphics cards to “mine” cryptocurrency. While donors are asking for more transparency in the causes they want to fund, does blockchain appear to be the miracle solution in terms of donation traceability? Sébastien Lyon is the Executive Director of Unicef ​​France. He comes back for us on this initiative.

Don’t throw away your smartphones anymore! Startups are there to repair, recycle or resell them. French Yes Yes reconditions devices, while Iodé ensures that your data is not recycled. Note: the Dutch Fairphone, which joins forces with the eFondation to protect your privacy in its ethical and kit phones. Demonstration!