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Weather in Quebec: fine weather with generous sunshine for Tuesday


For Tuesday, Quebecers will be treated to fine summer weather with generous sunshine across most of the province, even if it will be a little chilly in places.

In western and southern Quebec, the weather will therefore be generally sunny with cooler but comfortable temperatures, according to Environment Canada.

In Montreal and its surroundings, we could expect a small Humidex effect in the afternoon, despite a few scattered clouds which will appear, according to the federal agency.

The sun will also be present in the central sectors of the province, particularly in Estrie, Beauce and Quebec, but it will be jostled by a few passing clouds.

The mercury will drop in these regions and the sectors a little further north, including the Saguenay, where temperatures will fluctuate between 19 and 21 degrees.

The same scenario is expected in eastern Quebec, according to Environment Canada, which predicts an alternation of sun and clouds under cooler temperatures.

For Wednesday, the federal agency anticipates a similar topo of alternating sun and clouds with, however, more cloudiness and even possible showers in the west of the province.



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