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In the Côtes-d’Armor instability will persist throughout the day. Very cloudy sky covering completely in the morning, very cloudy with the possibility of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Showers will be frequent and heavy. In the evening, clearing sky. The wind is moderate.

The weather in your town


In Finistère, the sky will remain very busy. Very cloudy. But the clearings will become wider and wider. The likelihood of having showers will remain low. Temperatures are between 14 and 15 ° C in the morning and around 18 ° C in the afternoon. The wind is moderate. In the evening, very cloudy.


In Morbihan the day promises to be cool for the season. Very cloudy sky with brief clearings. Light showers gradually becoming scarce in the morning, possibility of showers in the afternoon. Temperatures are between 15 and 16 ° C in the morning and between 18 and 19 ° C in the afternoon.

(Source: The Weather Channel)

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