we know why the 12VHPWR connector flames

Last week, several users reported having encountered a disturbing problem with their brand new high-end graphics card Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090. Regardless of the brand of the latter, it seemed that a problem affects the famous 12VHPWR connector.

Several users shared photos of their connector having overheated or even completely burnt. Depending on the case, the graphics cards proved to be inoperative and Nvidia quickly asked third-party manufacturers to recover the cards concerned in order to conduct an investigation aimed at defining why this damage occurs.

The gaming world took hold of the case and has since sought to understand how it could have happened. One thing is certain, the RTX 4090 has no manufacturing defect: all Nvidia partner brands have validated the use of the 12HVPWR port and associated power circuits.

The 16-pin adapter in question

The problem would rather be at the level power cables. More generally, it is the 16-pin adapter that would be involved : when not plugged in correctly or if the cable is twisted too close to the connector (which happens often given the rigidity of the adapter and the little space left between the graphics card and the side panel of the boxes), the latter heats up due to a disturbance of the current sent to the card.

The overheating occurs within a few minutes to several hoursdepending on the constraints applied to the adapter, but also depending on the adapter itself.

Because fortunately, not all adapters are faulty either… To tell the truth, there are many, but we note that some are able to handle a voltage of 300 V while others are limited to 150 V… Problem: 150 V adapters sometimes have weld defects.

150 or 300 V: the difference

How can this weld defect happen? Well, simply because the soldering techniques are different: on a 150 V adapter the cables are soldered in groups, with a large surface, while on the 300 V adapters the soldering is individual on each cable. How does this affect the issue discussed? Well, in the event of mechanical stress applied to the connector, the cables welded one by one are more resistant and flexible than those welded in batches.


If you have a GeForce RTX 4090it is therefore recommended to opt for an adapter 300V which want to be more resistant to torsion… Except that in fact, it is impossible to know what type of connector is delivered with the purchase of a card.

The best recommendation is therefore to adopt thegood behavior with 12VHPWR adapter and above all not twist iteven if it means leaving the side panel of your tower open…


The good news is that, according to GamerNexus, 150V adapters would only represent 7% of connectors delivered to date.

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