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we finally know how Stephen Curry shot one of his crazy videos

An Instagram post shows how a viral video of Stephen Curry was faked to make it look like he could hit the threes with his back to the basket.

The secret is out. Stephen Curry has ignited the web in recent days with two very viral videos. In the first, the NBA star strings together five baskets with one-handed shots from the other end of the court; the second shows the American basketball player chaining three points from behind and talking. If the authenticity of the first clip was finally officially denied by a Golden State Warriors official, this was not yet the case for the other. And above all, it remained to be seen how the special effects had been carried out.

A shifted basket, the head replaced

The answer has finally been given – for the second video. Its director, Ari Fararooy, unveiled this Thursday, December 8, the stages of editing that allowed him to believe that Stephen Curry could string together no look shots relaxed extremes. It turns out that the real throws unsurprisingly fell wide. The background of the video was then shifted and worked to make it appear that the ball did indeed end up in the hoop.

To make it even more spectacular, the creator of the video, a specialist in special effects, pasted a head of Stephen Curry talking on the original. The result is stunning.

10th in the Western Conference with the Warriors, Stephen Curry currently has a record per game of 30 points, 6.6 rebounds, 7.7 assists and a 43.2% three-point success.


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