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WATCH: Reds employee engulfed in rain cover


Rain poured into Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park on Monday night, but spectators were treated to a humorous spectacle from Reds employees.

When it rains, a large canvas is usually deployed on the clay court so that it does not get wet. The execution of the staff members is usually a fine example of cohesion, but, this time, someone was left behind.

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An employee who was trying to join his faster colleagues with his piece of tarpaulin slipped, and, unfortunately for him, no turning back was possible. Two of his comrades saw him being devoured by the gigantic canvas, helpless.

Inside the belly of the beast, the man had to crawl to extricate himself, and this is what he managed to do after several seconds. From afar, fans only saw a bump moving under the large vinyl tarp.

Finally, more fear than harm and probably a little embarrassment for this survivor of the rain cover.



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