Watch Mookie Betts grab the tightrope, throw the runner home in insane double play

Just Mookie stuff.

Despite a slow start at home plate, Mookie Betts is still Mookie Betts, so he’s good for at least a highlight or two per game. Thursday’s Dodgers-Pirates game is a reminder of that.

At the bottom of the second, Betts pulled off an excellent catch on a flying ball from Kai’ai Tom’s bat and, in the same movement, did a pirouette and threw Erik Gonzalez home for the insane double play.

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The grip, bringing all of your momentum to the stands, then throwing a jump shot at the catcher is truly a mind-blowing game. Tom’s bat had an expected batting average of .580.

Betts did it with the stick as well, starting the game with a home run. The Pirates would tie him up soon after.

Although his attack has fallen behind, Betts’ defense is still up to the task, entering the game with four defensive points saved this year.

Average low or not, Betts are still a game breaker – and they will do it with a smile.

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