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Washington Post Says Gov. Ron DeSantis Sinks To New ‘Breathtaking’ Low

The newspaper’s editorial board said that DeSantis, a Donald Trump loyalist had fallen to “breathtaking levels of cynicism” by aligning himself with misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, by campaigning against the warrants of masking and announcing fines for local governments that mandate vaccines for staff.

DeSantis tries to present himself “as an advocate for personal freedom,” the editorial said. But it actually only adds “to vaccine reluctance which has become a major obstacle to greater immunity and to the end of the pandemic,” he added.

“Sir. DeSantis harbors national political ambitions. But what he’s displaying here is crass opportunism and contempt for the common good,” the editorial concluded.

“As it stirs the ignorance and misguided impulses of some members of the Republican base, it acts against the very tools needed to save lives and stop the pandemic.”


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