Warrren Baril, the popular Brest beer

After Baril White, Warrren Baril. Undeniably, the Brasserie du Baril has a serious penchant for… puns. As summer approaches and the start of the Tour de France, the Brest company founded in 2015 wanted to mark the occasion by producing the Warrren Baril, a sparkling nod to the Morbihan climber of the Arkéa-Samsic team – So Warren Barguil – and one of the French favorites of the peloton which will start from Brest on Saturday 26 June. But first, why Warrren with three “r’s”? “Because Eddy Merrrckx! », Says Benoît Corre, the founder of the company, with a big laugh. “And because the kid has a little Belgian side! We are a fan of it! “.

Benoît Corre (right) and a good part of the Brasserie du Baril team in Brest (Photo Le Télégramme / Thierry Dilasser)

We wanted to release it already in 2018, when the Tour had passed through Brest, but we ran out of time

All kidding aside, the product is an opportunity to get out of the “gloomy period” that we have just gone through, “with a smile”. And with “a real summer product”. Limited edition of 6,000 copies (in 33 cl bottle) and around fifty barrels, the Warrren Baril is “a pale-ale produced from hops (Mosaïc, Citra, Pekko), which give it a super fruity side” , continues this “social lubricant manufacturer”. A stock almost already sold that the public will be able to find in the usual distribution network of the Brest brewer (Biocoop, cellars, bars, restaurants, delicatessens, etc.).

Love rating

Among the anecdotes, cycling enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that the Warrren Baril was designed by the brewer Guillaume Martin, employee of the Baril and namesake of the rider of the Cofidis team, also expected at the start of the Tour. “We wanted to release it already in 2018, when the Tour had passed through Brest, but we had run out of time,” continues Benoît Corre. The brewery had then bet on its Tropical Bliss, another “summer pale-ale” which had made “a big hit”.

And which remains one of the most popular barrel products, contributing to its love rating among the inhabitants of the country of Brest. “As much as we really found the time long during confinement, we are delighted to resume. And it’s great to see how the Brest residents are there, ”welcomes the one whose production is now served in three stars in the sector (L’Hostellerie de la Pointe Saint-Mathieu in Plougonvelin, Le M in Brest and La Butte in Plouider).

Who says climb … says descent

If he does not despair of meeting the Morbihan runner who inspired him (best climber of the Tour in 2017) on June 26, Benoît Corre will therefore invite to the descent on this occasion. But in moderation and with both hands on the brakes: the risk being, otherwise, of finishing the yellow jersey.

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