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Vladimir Putin sends his best wishes to the Russian nation – RT en français

In keeping with tradition, Russian President Vladimir Putin sends his greetings to his fellow citizens in a televised address.

In his wishes for the new year, pre-recorded and broadcast at different times due to the size of the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin called on his fellow citizens on Thursday, December 31, to “cohesion”, in the middle of the second wave of the pandemic of new coronavirus that has hit Russia hard. “Today, it is very important to believe in yourself, not to bow to difficulties, to maintain our cohesion. This is the basis of our future success, ”he said.

Time difference requires, his speech was broadcast for the first time at midnight in the Russian peninsula of Kamtchatka, in the Far East, where the year 2021 began earlier than in Moscow.

“Unfortunately, the epidemic has not yet been completely stopped. The struggle continues unabated. Doctors, nurses and paramedics continue their work courageously ”, greeted Vladimir Putin who also said he was“ convinced ”that the Russians“ will overcome everything ”, will find a“ normal life ”and will continue to“ solve the problems ”of this new decade.