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Vivek Ramaswamy: Former criminals should be allowed to bear arms

“Has the right to,” Ramaswamy replied. “And I think covert carry is important, constitutional carry is important.”

He said background checks are ‘an absolutely legitimate part of the process’, but ‘law-abiding’ gun ownership ‘deters many violent criminals from being able to roam the streets with guns as they do today. ‘today’.

Ramaswamy pointed to high crime in cities and insufficient mental health resources, while calling for more support for police officers. The gun discussion was part of a larger conversation on Cuomo’s “As A Matter Of Fact” podcast.

Ramaswamy, as he has done before, endorsed the idea of ​​re-institutionalizing those deemed dangerous and dismissed Cuomo’s description of a school mass shooting, saying, “That case you described n is not a real case that comes up very often, compared to real cases. – Lifetime violence between many violent criminals in cities who break many other laws.

Cuomo – who resigned from office following allegations of sexual abuse which he denied – said after the recording of the podcast: “The Republican candidates are all insistent on trying to appeal to the ultra-conservatives within their own party and take positions that alienate a majority of Americans. Peacefully and successfully deporting millions of immigrant families who have been here for years, arming criminals with guns, each carrying a concealed weapon, returning to the Old West, etc. All of this is absurd.”