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The storm triggered a 100% power outage in the birthplace of jazz on Sunday as residents were unable to reach 911 services. Authorities have confirmed at least two deaths, but the number is likely to rise.

New Orleans Police deployed anti-looting teams to protect property as the city was devastated by Hurricane Ida, which hit the U.S. state of Louisiana as a Category 4 storm. (It has now weakened into a category 1.)

“#NOPD has deployed anti-looting teams throughout the city to protect the property of our citizens as we continue the recovery process. Looting will NOT be tolerated and will encourage everyone to be good neighbors and to say something when you see something, “The New Orleans Police Department said Monday in a statement posted on Facebook.

Reports of looting incidents arrived on Monday, after New Orleans was left without power as power facilities were damaged in the hurricane.

Images circulating online allegedly show citizens engaging in criminal behavior as shops are looted and ransacked.

Drone footage also captured a looter trying to break into an ATM in an area that was said to have been set on fire hours earlier before he realized he was not alone there.

Police have already arrested some of the criminals they were able to identify, according to Fox News.

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