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During the Lakers’ victory over the Pacers on Thursday (124-116), LeBron James, in addition to having scored 39 points, expelled two spectators he considered too provocative.

LeBron James definitely has a lot of hats. Quadruple MVP, leader of the Lakers, he also turned into a bouncer Thursday against the Pacers (116-124). While his team, battered this season, lived a tense extension, LeBron James asked the referees to exclude two spectators.

He was particularly upset, took one of the referees by the arm to bring him in front of the two spectators pointed at. The two Pacers supporters, a man and a woman, were seated in the front row, at the edge of the pitch. When the referee asked them to come out, they did so without flinching, and even with a smile. LeBron James criticized them for being too provocative.

“Obscene gestures and words”

“Nothing is insurmountable for me, but there is a difference between encouraging your players, whistling your opponents or not wanting them to succeed. And then there are times when it goes overboard with obscene gestures and words. It should not be tolerated by anyone. It’s something I will never tell a fan and a fan should never tell a player, ”said LeBron James after the meeting.

After this incident, the Lakers won. A success to which LeBron James contributed greatly since he scored 39 points (with 5 rebounds and 6 assists), was decisive in the money time and thus signs his best game of the season.

Back from a suspension match

LeBron James was back against the Pacers after serving a game suspension. Against Detroit, his duel with Isaiah Stewart had been very muscular. The latter had even been shot in the eye and needed eight stitches. The two players had almost come to blows and had to be separated.


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