Véran denounces the video of a caregiver on the verge of tears – RT in French

Believing that there was no “collective movement” for the departure of caregivers in reaction to compulsory vaccination, the Minister of Health minimized the filmed testimonies of nurses and caregivers opposed to this measure.

While the new health measures announced by the government, and in particular compulsory vaccination for caregivers, meet the reluctance of part of the population, Olivier Véran was auditioned by the National Assembly on July 20. Asked about this, he stressed that he did not “believe” in a movement for the departure of caregivers, and in particular swept the testimony of a nurse on the verge of tears, whose video had circulated on social networks.

“I do not believe it”

“There is a lot of vaccine momentum. It is not because you see a nurse or a nurse who makes a video to say while crying that she is going to quit her job because of the vaccine, she is afraid of it. […] that it is a collective movement. This is false, it is called propaganda, ”said the Minister of Health.

He added that this initial phenomenon had not been observed in other countries that have implemented compulsory vaccination of caregivers.

“I don’t know what my life is going to be tomorrow”

In recent days, on the sidelines of the new measures announced by Emmanuel Macron, several testimonies from caregivers opposed to the vaccination obligation have been disseminated on social networks in the form of videos.

A nurse who said she was “in distress”, moved to tears, had notably sent a message: “Thank you to this beautiful dictatorship that is taking hold.” Claiming to be unvaccinated and not wishing to be, she said in particular: “I do not know what my life will be tomorrow.”

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