Valls castigates parody of Catalan television on his return to France – RT in French

A Catalan television channel broadcast a parody clip targeting Manuel Valls, after he announced his return to France, leaving his post as city councilor in Barcelona. The former head of the French government reacted strongly.

Barely 48 hours after its publication, the video has accumulated more than a million views on social networks: Catalan television TV3 seems to have succeeded with a parody clip dedicated to the return to France of Manuel Valls, who recently announced his resignation. of his tenure at Barcelona City Hall, where he spent (almost) two years as a municipal councilor.

“Me… Manuel Valls – Goodbye!” : it is the title of the clip published on May 27 by the Catalan comedy program “Polonia”, in reference to the French tube released in the year 2000, “Me … Lolita”, which we find today the sounds on a text particularly mocking at the place of the former French Prime Minister, whose lining appears in costume with the interior pockets overflowing with banknotes.

“I received all my fees […] I can already go […] I’ve had no power for a long time, I will do whatever I am told to do ”, can we for example read in a translation in French of the Catalan text which, on several occasions, mocks the political conversions of the character. “I could even found a party, whether it is right or left, me, my name is Manuel Valls”, sings again the parody lining of the one who is about to return to France.

“No comment on the parody”, according to Manuel Valls … well almost

Obviously not very excited by the parody of which he was the subject, the main interested party reacted to it in a tweet where, explaining that he would make “no comment”, he nevertheless considered that the program “Polonia” was at the image of the public television channel TV3, which he described as “a real propaganda machine, unique in Europe in the service of Catalan independence and aimed at discrediting all its adversaries”.

It is a fact, the multiple conversions of Manuel Valls rarely go unnoticed. As a reminder, in early 2017, the former head of government had managed to get himself elected, narrowly, deputy for Essonne, subsequently obtaining somehow an LREM affiliation. At the end of the following year, he finally decided to give up his mission as French deputy to run for mayor of … Barcelona! An unsuccessful candidacy following which Manuel Valls will still manage to obtain a post of municipal councilor.

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