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Covid-19: for Pr Fischer, the non-vaccination of caregivers is “not admissible”

On the LCI platform, Prof. Alain Fischer, president of the Vaccine Strategy Orientation Council, was asked, in particular, about the non-vaccination of caregivers. “Health workers are not vaccinated enough. Despite the fact that this vaccination has been open for many months, there is a fraction of these staff who do not get vaccinated. It is not admissible. We must react to this situation, without stigmatizing them (…). You have to focus on the places where this is so. If this is not enough, it would be necessary to resort to compulsory vaccination, ”he explained. [Suivez notre direct]

The prosecution asks not to “reincarcerate” Valérie Bacot

The public prosecutor requested five years in prison, four of which were suspended, against Valérie Bacot for the murder of her violent and pimping husband. Which would get her out of court, considering the year she has already spent in pre-trial detention. “Valérie Bacot could not take the life of the one who terrorized her”, but we must “fix the ban without reincarceration”, declared Éric Jallet, general counsel, before the assizes of Saône-et-Loire, stressing that his four children “needed” her. [Plus d’infos ici]

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PPDA case: the rape investigation closed

The investigation for rapes targeting Patrick Poivre d’Arvor was dismissed for prescription or insufficient evidence, said the prosecution of Nanterre. Four months after the opening of this investigation following the filing of a complaint by the writer Florence Porcel who accuses the 73-year-old journalist of having forced her to have sex without consent in 2004 and fellatio in 2009, “these facts cannot characterize the crime of rape insofar as there is no evidence to confirm the comments of one or the other concerning the existence of this scene, ”wrote Catherine Denis, prosecutor. In all, 23 women testified and eight complaints were filed. [Plus d’infos ici]

Gas: the regulated tariff will increase by nearly 10% in July

The regulated tariff for natural gas sold by Engie will increase by nearly 10% on July 1, due in particular to the rise in world prices. “Engie’s tariffs will increase by 9.96% excluding tax on July 1, 2021. This sharp increase is mainly due (for 7.8%) to the rise in gas prices on the world market linked to the economic recovery”, a indicated the Energy Regulatory Commission. [Plus d’infos ici]

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Ligue 1-Ligue 2: the 2021-2022 calendars unveiled

The complete Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 calendars for the 2021-2022 season were unveiled by the Professional Football League this Friday at noon. In a month, it is once again Ligue 2 which will be the first to resume, on Saturday July 24. The first day of Ligue 1 will be played two weeks later, the weekend of August 6 to 8. Regarding the Breton teams, Stade Brestois will undoubtedly have the most exciting start to the championship, with a trip to Lyon, a derby against Rennes and the reception of PSG. [Plus d’infos ici]

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