Vaccination in Brittany: which center offers the most chances of finding a niche quickly? – Coronavirus

Gwendal Tanguy wanted to help his parents get an appointment at a vaccination center in February. Faced with the difficulty of finding the precious niche, the young computer scientist based in Le Conquet (29), had the idea of ​​creating a small program to monitor those who were released. ” And it worked “.

The demand being there, he took the idea further by imagining a mobile application that sends a notification when a slot becomes available in a particular center. In contact with the Regional Health Agency, Gwendal Tanguy is still waiting for their stamp to obtain the right to appear in the Google library …

Easy in Saint-Brieuc and Lorient

“Since my app does not come out, I made a website to see if it interests people”, explains the computer scientist. Still volunteering. Baptized “I want my vaccine”, it allows to know the availability of the centers classified by Breton department. A principle quite similar to that of the ViteMaDose site, created by engineer Guillaume Rozier. But it offers two additional pieces of information. The first: the percentage of chance of getting an appointment in a particular center, within two weeks, “a reasonable time”.

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And there, the lessons are numerous: the vaccination centers of Saint-Brieuc, Lorient, Loudéac and Lannion have offered nearly 100% success since the beginning of May, when those of Brest, for example, only display percentages of 2 to 11 %… Confirmation of a two-tier form of vaccination in the region. “This percentage is not an insurance, its value will not remain the same until the end of the month”, however recalls the young man. To arrive at these figures, Gwendal Tanguy had the simple idea of ​​creating a program that will carry out reservation tests regularly and note the attempts where it succeeds. “These are not scholarly calculations …”, he assures, modestly.

Three days for a niche in Carhaix…

The IT specialist from Finistère provides another interesting indicator: “The last possibility of booking within two weeks” with the aim of “knowing if it’s worth the wait”. An example, in Carhaix, late Sunday afternoon, this last possibility went back three days! At the Arena de Brest, even if it is difficult to reserve a slot, one of them was available only a few tens of minutes before …

To avoid making people believe in a quick meeting when it concerns only a very small part of the population, such as election assessors, Gwendal Tanguy has chosen to display only one category of slots, “those which generally target the most vulnerable population ”. In Douarnenez, for example, it only shows the availability of the over 50 category, offered by Keldoc. And he only selected one type of vaccine, those with messenger RNA.

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