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With the holidays season around the corner, growth marketers are gearing up for their busiest time of year. Ecommerce brands now rely heavily on social sales and digital advertising, but must also expect an omnichannel shopper – 62% of shoppers plan to buy both online and in-store this holiday season , according to Celtra.

The market is crowded. Digital marketing requires high volumes of creative brand assets, and it’s difficult to produce them fast enough without compromising brand value or storytelling. While the marketing channels have exploded in volume, most of the creative workflows are the same as they were 50 years ago.

But marketing is a monster that feeds on creative assets, requiring more and more each quarter.

The reality is that any paid impression is also a brand impression and a chance to differentiate yourself in the market. In fact, paid impressions are often the only chance you have to influence certain buyers. That’s why creativity – your brand, your design and your message – is important. In growth marketing, traffic, subscriptions, direct-to-consumer channels, testing, and ultimately revenue all rely on creativity to be successful.

Yet bottom-of-the-funnel assets are rarely brilliant in terms of branding or even interesting from a distance. Teams are limited to meet global demands across more channels than ever before, and the creativity they produce is suffering. Brands don’t have the luxury of spending time on large-scale design craftsmanship and storytelling. Conversely, most creative automation solutions that can contribute to efficiency are currently not equipped to evolve high-quality creations that prioritize brand and design excellence.

Companies suffer from a lack of creativity where their needs for content and assets increase rapidly while resources and team budgets stagnate or even decrease.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet AI solution to the challenge. You can’t just buy creative technology in the hope that it alone will bridge the gap. You need to rethink workflows and team collaboration. If you really want to improve your creativity in growth marketing, you need to invest in tools designed for both scale and brand governance.

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