usatoday – White House announces 30-day extension of moratorium on evictions

MIAMI – Belkys Peñate began selling her and her husband’s furniture ahead of the federal government’s possible lifting of its moratorium on multi-month COVID-19 evictions.

“We’re both sick. We don’t have the physical strength to take things with us if we are put on the streets,” said Peñate, 54, who stopped paying her rent when her leukemia and her chronic asthma worsened during COVID-19. pandemic. Peñate’s husband, a 66-year-old retired police officer, is also housebound with chronic heart failure and a mental health issue.

Their owner filed for eviction in August. The only thing keeping them inside the house is the federal moratorium.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday announced a 30-day extension of federal tenant protection until July 31. The moratorium prevents tenants in arrears with rent from being removed from the unit for public health reasons amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The ordinance itself does not eliminate rental costs for families, leaving millions of families on payments.

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