usatoday – Principal ousted raised grievances during graduation speech, District of California says

STOCKTON, Calif .– An ousted California principal used the 2021 graduation stage as a platform to deliver a controversial speech that ended with him escorting off campus.

On a Thursday morning start, Ben Nakamura, former principal of Stagg High School in Stockton, Calif., Focused more on his personal grievances with the school district rather than the students he was supposed to send out into the world, district officials said.

When Nakamura finished his speech, he left the stage and was greeted by two men. The men had a conversation and then led Nakamura off the field.

Melinda Meza, communications and media relations representative for the Stockton Unified School District, said the district had received complaints from parents because Nakamura had given a long speech and started talking about her own personal grievances.

Meza said Nakamura was kicked from the campus for his safety and that of the general public.

In his speech, Nakamura said he would not return to Stagg because the administrators of the Stockton Unified School District voted to remove him as principal of the school.

Nakamura told students he was ousted by a 4-3 vote by the board, despite calls from the community, staff and students to keep the principal.

No reason was given for his dismissal.

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